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*Community Support 

Through Community Support we can help you make things happen! We share information, maximize resources and form partnerships with one another for the community’s great benefit.




A complete list of contacts and Address of community organizations and resources throughout the Town of Washington and surrounding region.



*Facility Rentals 

You can find the listing of rental areas, facilities, and information on the Town of Washington. If you may want to consider renting one of our central locations for your next sporting event, wedding, professional meeting or celebration, just email us for the details. 


*Parks and Trails 

The residents of Washington Town can enjoy the wide arrays of outdoor recreation activities in our more than a hundred of park sites and open spaces. You can choose from formal park sites with a variety of facilities and amenities to the more natural open space along canyon and woodlots, picnic grove, and many more, there is always something for everyone that you will surely love.



*Summer Camp 

Wash TWP Morris brings you a summer full of adventure. That is for you to discover at the Town of Washington Summer Camps in Morris County. We ensure the affordable care option in the hand of our great camp leaders. Accredited, skilled and knowledgeable staff make our camps a great choice for summer camp in Washington Town.




Our town needs you! If you think you can be one the hardworking volunteer that had care for our town, then we need you. We are proud to provide a variety of opportunities to make a difference in our town!




Because we really care for our generations, we’ve provided Youth programs and events, a variety of opportunities that promote our community engagement and recognition while the youth had a chance to build and discover new skills, experiences, and friendship.