Garage Door Repair

Sometimes garage door is working the way it should be. For minor garage door issues, you could almost certainly do some of the repairing tasks on your own but major garage door problems should be handled by a professional garage door Repair Company including Fernandina Beach garage door repair. Well here are some common garage door problems which you can fix on your own: 

In case, your garage door goes up and down on its own. No, it’s not magic. The explanation behind it is quite simple. There must be someone in your neighborhood that uses an access code or security code similar to yours. Their devices could interfere with the radio receiver of your garage door. Do you know that the radios in airplanes and police vans also have the same effect? How do you make sure that it does not happen again? You just need to change the security code.

The procedure of changing the access code or security pass differs from one model of the garage door opener to another. There is a common rule that you just need to hold the transmitter near the box of the garage door opener. Push a transmitter button for about thirty seconds. You should read the manufacturer’s manual to find out the button to hold down. New models of garage door openers are designed with rolling code technology that changes the access code automatically once the opener is used.

The garage door gets stuck on its halfway when you try to close it. The logic behind is easy to detect; you might be using an automatic garage door equipped with safety sensors. These safety devices can detect any obstruction on the path of closing the garage door and tells the machine to stop and pull the garage door back. In this case, the garage door opens up again when it senses any hurdle on the way of the garage door. It may be any broom, bucket, or dried leaves. You just need to remove the obstructions to make your garage door functional again. The problem will also happen if the lenses of sensors are dusty or dirty. The system will think that something is in the way causing the garage door not to function. You should keep the lenses clean.

Nothing happens when you press the button on the remote. If you realize that the remote control is not working, you may have to change the batteries to see if it is functioning. If it does not fix the issue, your handy remote device and garage door opener need to be replaced. Call a professional garage door company for this purpose.