Garage Door Repair Is Not Do-It-Yourself

A standard garage door can cost from$500 to $2500. A garage door repair project done by a professional can cost up to $500 but normally falls in the $250 range. You might notice a broken or malfunctioned garage door, calculate the repairing cost, scratch your head, and then think, “Why not just try to fix it myself and save some expense”? You should call professional garage door companies such as, garage door repair in Carmel, Indiana to solve the issues with the garage door. Have a look at some common problems with garage doors and determine if your decision is a wise course of action.

The problem of crooked garage doors can be solved easily. It is normally a result of loose or frayed cables coming off the drum. You need to use a cable pullet to fix the issue. Attach the device to the cables on one side of the garage door and crank it slowly until there is slack on the bottom of the garage door. Afterward, adjust the cable in the drum and then release the cable puller. Repeat the same on the other side. It is a type of problem that you can fix by yourself if you have the required tools in your toolbox. A cable puller costs around $200 and it has no more practice usage around your house like, a screw gun or wrench. So, my suggestion is, just call a garage door expert.

A noisy garage door is an indication of worn-out garage door rollers inside the metal brackets. This issue is easy to fix. You can replace the damaged roller with quieter nylon rollers that offer quiet operations and durability. The hinge placed in the middle can be taken off at once which is held by four screws. Once removed, the roller moves right out of the hole.

Remove the roller and replace the hinge. The top rollers of the garage door are normally held with a nut which also comes off easily. The bottom roller is the trickiest part. Disconnect the garage door from opener, you need to raise the garage door manually about halfway to where the upper and lower brackets meet. Afterward bend the bracket to free the bottom portion of the garage door, release the rope and then replace it. The entire process is very hectic and tricky for an average person. So, call a professional.

Another common problem is malfunctioning the garage door opener. It is obvious to make sure that it is plugged in properly. If it is then unplugged it and plugged it again to reset the sensors. These sensors are placed on both sides which may have dusty lenses that must be wiped with a cotton cloth. Another easiest solution is to check the batteries of the remote. You may need to reprogram the garage door opener using a user’s manual. Alternately, pick a phone to call a garage door technician.

A garage door repair project goes beyond the skills needed in changing a bulb. Keeping in mind the factors such as, time, cost, and tools there is no reason not to call professional garage door technicians.