About Us 


The Wash TWP Morris is a community association with Washington Township in Morris County. This is a non-profit organization responsible to its members and to the whole town. Here, you can learn about the many state-of-the-art recreation areas, activities, events, meetings, and news that the Wash TWP Morris manages. You can also understand here the governance of our organization by simply reading the mission and vision, and the strategic objectives we have for the improvement of our town. Check out also our calendar of events that we publish here. This would keep you in the loop of what’s happening around you in this town. At this page, we are even willing to share the details of how the organization works. 

Wash TWP Morris Organization, from the time it was established, has been improving property values and creating the quality of life through recreation, events, and leadership. We believe that through the cooperation and support coming from the residents of Washington Town and local government, we can build a better and greater town for the future generation. This is why we encourage the locals to subscribe to this website for daily updates in the town of Washington. Also, your presence in town’s activities and events are highly appreciated.


The Wash TWP Morris has been recognized as the most outstanding nonprofit organization for the local people living in the town of Washington, Morris County nationwide. The organization maintains several state-of-the-art recreation areas, programs fitness, sports, health and educational opportunities, manages the cleanliness of the town and hosts almost 200 community events. The Wash TWP Morris also strives to build the lifestyle that every local want to live. A peaceful, bright, happy, clean and thriving community, these are the things we aim for so that the Wash TWP Morris organization will continue to be a great place to live, work, play and visit.


We hope through this website, we can communicate with every people living in Washington Town. You can message your suggestions and concerns through email and you can also share your ideas on how to enhance our town by joining in our Let’s Talk section or either go to Wash TWP Morris headquarter and have a personal chat with us.