Let’s Talk


Welcome to Let’s Talk Wash TWP Morris, the Town’s new online engagement site that allows you to contribute your ideas and feedback on the organization and town issues and projects important to you! We invite you to join the discussion and share your thoughts.


Wash TWP Morris–
The Town of Washington is currently developing an Active Living Town to increase the physical activity levels of locals living in Washington Town. We want you to collaborate, share your ideas, open up your thoughts and work together to make being active an easy choice every day. The project is designed to achieve the following goals:  

*Increase the quality and availability of new active opportunities.

*Help the families and individuals in town to stay fit, active and healthy with no cost. 

*Enhance the family bonding through the active and physical activity.


Ms. Elizabeth Tucker–
As a mother of 4 beautiful children, I think this project is definitely we should prioritize to build immediately. Every individual especially children need to boost their physical strength. Children nowadays are active in using gadgets wherever they are and we are aware that this not good for them. I don’t have any bad feedback about this project. I agreed that we need this so I will support until the project is done.


Mr. George Smith–
Finally, I proposed this project about 6 months ago and I’m glad that you are considering my idea as one of the useful projects in our town. This is really a great one, hope everybody will support it. Thanks to our organization whose members are dedicated to put a lot of effort into making our town the best.


Wash TWP Morris–
@Mr. George Smith, yes we’ve studied and analyzed very carefully about your project proposal. Then we’ve decided to finalize it. Your project is really great. Thank you so much for sharing your bright ideas!