Garage Door Sizes – Choosing the Best

The first important rule when searching around for a new garage door is to know its appropriate size. Luckily, today’s buildings are constructed with standard-sized garages. And most garage door sizes are prepared to fit them. DIY garage door installation kits often measure seven feet tall and eight to nine feet wide designed for the single garage door. The double garage door kit measures 16 feet wide. Go here to learn few tips for determining how small or big your garage’s opening you need or when you need to have a customized garage door.

  • Take all the important measurements of the garage. There is more to be noted than just taking the measurement of the width and height of the garage’s opening. It is important to measure the side-room, the space from the edge of the opening to the nearest corners. This space will hold the vertical metal tracks of the garage door. Another important measurement is from the top edge of the garage’s opening to the ceiling of the garage. It is also known as headroom. This space is used for the garage door opener and the garage door itself if you want to install a flip-up or canopy-style garage door. Standard models of opener need at least 12 inches of space but there are plenty of garage door opener models available for shorter space.

The backroom measurement is the length starting from the interior area of the opening up to the back wall of the garage. It will help you to determine how much space you have left of the ceiling when the garage door is opened completely. This measurement is very important if you have planned to hang overhead garage door storage units or equipment from the ceiling. You should also pay special attention to the vertical clearance of the interiors and drive path of the garage door. Depending on the size, style, and mechanism of the garage door, you will need enough space for the garage door to swing up and over. It is not a requirement for the sectional roll-up garage door because it does not need this type of space to open completely.  

  • Take a note of the height and width of your vehicle. This measurement relates to the mechanism of the garage door and not to the size of the garage door. Canopy-style garage doors are not ideal for those who have tall vehicles or would need full vertical clearance for storage.  Furthermore, folding garage doors are not suitable for wide vehicles since they need wide horizontal space.
  • Take note of other stuff stored in your garage. Overhead garage door storage and shelving system should also be considered because they will have to share the space with the mechanism and tracks of a garage door.
  • Note the purpose of building a garage. It will help you to determine if you need additional features or not. If you want to use your garage as a workshop for any creative activity then you will appreciate the additional natural light coming in through glass windows. Definitely, a small door cut will be beneficial if you want to use a garage door other than bringing your car in and out.

The customized garage door is a better option if your existing measurements do not match available ready-made garage doors or if you want a specific deigns which is not readily available. The first step is to take the right measurement. Professional garage door companies offer free estimation on the size, type, materials, and installation services in one package. If you are planning to install a garage door, there is a way to secure the garage door easily and effectively.