Understanding the Garage Door Installation Process

If you are searching the sources to install the garage door, it is always better to take professional assistance in this field. Many people consult Dayton garage door sales specialists to assist them with the garage door installation project. The USA is one of the countries where several reputed and certified garage door installers are available. Since a garage door is a heavy object, it needs a strong operating system and hardware such as tracks, panels, rollers, openers, and springs to complete the opening and closing process. There are two primary types of garage door operating systems.

  • A garage door torsion spring system consists of a spring and drum system that are wounded under a tremendous amount of tension.
  • A garage door extension spring system that does not contain a drum, unlike torsion springs. This system does not need a manually wounded spring.

All recent and advanced models of garage doors come with the manufacturer’s manual booklet. It is highly suggested that you carefully read the manual before doing anything with the garage door package and installation kit. Let’s have a look at how a garage door installation process can be accomplished in the right way: 

  • Each type or model of garage door comes in multiple sections which need to be assembled in the right order. It is always suggested by the professional that all the parts and sections are assembled before setting them up. Working on a bench or sawhorse can prove to be beneficial. The assembling of different sections of the garage doors is quite a time-consuming part of the garage door installation project, so working on a sawhorse is a great option.
  • After the assembling process is completed and the old garage door is removed. You need to check the spring system used in your old garage door just to ensure a fast and smooth process of garage door installation. It helps you in pulling out the old springs while removing the garage door. Be careful here because removing the highly tensed spring can be dangerous.
  • The most important part of the garage door installation project is leveling the first panel of the garage door along the frame. Placing the first section of the garage door to level is extremely important since the remaining sections stack on top of the first panel. If the placement of the first section is off even by a bit, then the whole placement might be gone in a crooked manner.
  • After installing the first section of the garage door and attaching it to the frame, repeat the process to install the whole structure. The remaining process does not need much time to complete, panels and tracks are set in perfect order.
  • For different types of garage doors, separate installation processes need to be followed to complete the garage door installation project.  The USA is a country where you can come across a wide variety of automatic and manual garage doors. This is why it is strongly suggested that consult professional garage door installers.